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The Promise:

Publicly declare assets and liabilities and encourage all my (PMB) political appointees to also publicly declare their assets and liabilities (Source: My Covenant with Nigerians) … Drop your comment

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The Promise:

Inaugurate the National Council on Procurement as stipulated in the Procurement Act. The Federal Executive Council, which has been turned to a weekly session of contract bazaar, will concentrate on its principal function of policy making (Source: My Covenant with Nigerians) … Drop your comment


The Promise:

Review and implement audit recommendations by Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI). (Source: My Covenant with Nigerians) … Drop your comment

@kunleperfect @buharimeter I think it's a position quite a few people would like to take for the simple reason there seem to be a ground swell move against the govt and people are looking for justification. Ordinarily even in 10 yes, it's the basis of a change that could get laid - not change itself.

@yoosooph_shams @buharimeter @MBuhari @APCNigeria @ProfOsinbajo But how long does it take to complete? Niger republic completed a modern refinery in 18 months and ours is taking forever. I will believe it when I see it

#Buharimeter @buharimeter @MShalangwa @ayotundejunior @IAkinseye I think if the government can saction filing stations on pump adjustment they should also hold marketers to account. No reason for misconduct.

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